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I am a Somatic Psychotherapist, with a private practice in Berkeley, California. 

My therapeutic style has been most informed by the practice and personal study of both Breema Bodywork®

and Formative Psychology®. Breema supports using body-mind connection to begin to come out of unconscious and reactive movement through life, and instead live with more choice and availability to self. Formative Psychology has supported my understanding of how we form ourselves and our lives, given our individual experiences, histories, and the impressions we take over time.

I am also a trained EMDR therapist, and find this modality hugely effective in treating trauma and disturbing life events.


Therapy is an opportunity to begin to move out of unconscious reaction to life, and engage with new ways of thinking and acting. We will explore all of the things that frustrate and block your growth, remove these obstacles, and build resources for new patterns to emerge.

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